December 7, 2011

Professional? Let's Just Think It Over?!

Professional, I couldn’t remember the first moment I began to hate that word. Even when my colleague asserts to make our organization became a professional organization, I refused his idea directly. Then, the other three asked me, “What’s wrong with professionalism? Why did you hate it?”
Being professional means strive us to adapt with objective boundaries of our competencies. Not just all that, the adaptive process has to be made in the frame of authority and interest where the professional need to success in performing his professionalism. Thereby, a professional person has to be “wise” and knew their boundaries, because they have already been domestically. In other word we can say that professional was just handcuff, it’s just a border to their space called territory of authority. Out of that space, he’s incompetent.
Professional also mean as a payable. Our assignment depends on lessees who pay us. The delivered result, need to be exactly adjust with lessee’s demands. Thereby, we can easily betray our responsibility as an intellectual. Take some example here, we are a lawyer, we have a client that supposed to be a corruptor. He pays us to release him from any law prosecution. As a professional, we will release him from the prosecution. At this point, we were good as a professional, but we are betrayer to our intellectual’s responsibility. Another example, we were an academician, and some group of association came to us to arrange them an academic paper about labor law. They need us to put into the law about contractual agreement and outsourcing. As a professional, we did the assignment real fine. Here, our professionalism well implemented, but we were precisely put the labor into their dark age. Most labor suffers and hungers by the law we made. Once again, we betray our intellectual’s responsibility.
At least, those two reasons that make me hate the word of professional. That is why I choose to become an amateur rather than a professional. Of being an amateur means that I am shameless. I never rejected of being wrong, because I am an amateur and did everything because I love it with highly motivated to know and understand. I have no boundaries of any competencies, because I am an amateur. The most important, I am un-payable. I don’t need to be a payable individual. After all, who wants to pay an amateur? But, being that kind of individual exactly made me the most objective individual.
Juni 2008

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