December 8, 2011

FPI Dismissal, That Wasn’t the Essential Issue

This recent week, all news was focused on Front Pembela Islam (FPI). Monas’s incident became point of return in claiming FPI’s dismissal. Most people nod that FPI have basis ideology of violence. We can say, their action in dismisses publication of Playboy magazine, their action around ramadhan, and any other actions that was represent repressive rather than persuasive way. That is why, FPI’s dismissal was seen as the best way to end their repressive actions.
Personally, i agree to dismiss FPI. But, the essential issue wasn’t agree or disagree in dismiss FPI. Actually, the essential issue is effectiveness of that dismissal. If FPI dismissed, is there any guarantee that their repressive actions will finally end? The answer is:NO!” We realize or we don’t, FPI’s dismissal was just in organizational. Then, what about their brutal personals ex-FPI? They can easily rebuild a new organization with the same ideology with FPI.
That is why, some effort have to be made: first, distinct the only ideology of each organizational was just Pancasila.Second, reassure that personals ex-FPI have left their brutal behavior. Third, law apparatus have to be more distinct to repressive action of each organization.
July 2008

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